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Our flagship technology, the Pull-linerTM, is unmatched innovation for over 10 years!

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The Pull-linerTM offers professionals and DIY amateurs instant and eco-friendly cleaning solution for paint trays, plasters and renders.

Pull-linerTM technology is patented internationally. Nowadays 90% of our sales are for export with a total turnover of 1.7 million Euros in 2015 and average annual growth of 14%.

The Pull-linerTM is marketed in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom only through European wholesalers distributors well established and having a sales force in each country. Over 90% of the products are shipped directly at the output of factories of our partners, subcontracted manufacturing, to distributors in different countries. The Pull-linerTM DIY is then sold by professional networks and retailers.


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