10, rue du Colisée
75008 PARIS
French production

Partnership offer

Our expertise has spawned three dynamic companies involved in the field of Plastic and holds 7 patents including 2 international, 12 models, 4 brands and one operating license. Our main activities are R & D, licensing and commercialization of our products.

Our flagship technology, the Pull-LinerTM is unmatched innovation for over 10 years. Available in 6 European countries, we have achieved with this single product sales of 1.7 million Euro in 2015.

Facing the technical and commercial success of this product, we have expanded our range to the pets and medical uses.

In order to improve our production performance we have then developed our own high-end machines. These, economic and performing, solve problems that was not properly resolved as the problem of deep thermoforming. The advantage of these machines for the mass production markets especially compels us to concede operating licenses.

Finally, we began a diversification strategy on products similar to the manufacturing process to ours and for which we have acquired an operating license.

We believe in our development potential and offer to take part in this success, so that together we achieve results that benefit everyone.